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Tree Removal, tree felling and dismantles


Sometimes it may be necessary for complete removal of a tree from a site for the following reasons:


If the tree is diseased, dead or dying it can pose a hazard to people and property, as dead wood on dying trees may be blown down in winds.


The early removal of a diseased tree may prevent further infection to other trees of the same species.


Trees may be planted too close to buildings posing a safety risk, too much shading and possible damage to buildings, however this can also be dealt with on some occasions by specialised pruning.


To allow for site development.







Frequently a tree has to be dismantled using a system called sectional felling using rigging aparatus in order to be completely removed from a site for the following reasons:


Trees may be situated close to buildings or roads causing a safety hazard and therefore are unsafe to fell from the ground.


If the tree does not have enough area around it to be felled from the base, then climbing the tree and using rigging equipment and rope techniques the tree can then be dismantled into smaller pieces which can be safely and precisely lowered to the ground avoiding any damage to property or public.  This practice is called Sectional Felling or Sectional Dismantling.




Local authorities have strict rules regarding the removal of trees and even privately owned properties may find themselves to be in a Conservation Area.

Some trees may be subject to a Tree Preservation Order ( TPO )

We can make applications to Local Authorities on your behalf to ensure that any tree works are carried out legally.

Any applications to Local authorities would be undertaken free of charge.


A tree removal in process A Sectional Dismantle Dismantle avoiding a large building Rob Watkins Tree felling Rigging and ropes to ensure safety to nearby buildings during a  complete dismantle Information about Conservation and Preservation Areas and trees with TPOs

Cambridge Tree Surgeon Rob Watkins dismantlles a large leylandi

Rob Watkins implementing a Section fell a large beech with the aid of rigging and zip-line.

Leylandi dismantle Leylandi stripped out Steadily dismantled

The trio of photos shows the last 2 trees from a row of 5 leylandi which required a complete dismantle and removal as they were blocking out light from the garden and interfering with overhead telephone cables. The tree stumps were then removed by use of a stump grinder.


The video on the left is of the same work in progress.

Tree felling

A tree may be felled from the base if it is situated in an area where it can be implemented safely. The tree is then dismantled from the ground and processed accordingly.

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