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Stump Grinding / Complete removal of tree stumps

After a tree has been removed and all the debris cleared the stump still remains. Some reasons one may like to remove the stump are as follows:



   If a patio or other hard resurfacing is to be carried out on the site.



   If turfing over or replanting is desired on the site.



   If a new building or fence is to be constructed on the site.



   Any regrowth from the stump or roots of the original tree will be inhibited        



   For aesthetical reasons.



This work is done by the use of a Stump Grinder which is lowered onto the stump and gradually shreads it into small pieces of woodchip, which is then mixed in with the surrounding soil.

Tree stump grinding, stump removal by means of a stump grinder

Picture courtesy of Caroline Aldersey

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Our narrow access stump grinder