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Storm Damaged Trees

Trees can often bear the brunt of storms and heavy winds and it's not unusual to see trees completely felled by a big storm and even if the tree has not fallen, branches can be blown down, sometimes landing in very awkward places such as on roofs of buildings, in ponds and rivers, livestock grazing and in driveways and roads.



On arriving at the scene of an emergency call out, we woud assess the tree immediately and act accordingly in order to prevent the risk of further damage to the surrounding area and to ensure safety to the public, buildings and any animals that may be present or who need to use the area.



It is advisable for the public not to try and remove any part of the tree until it has been assessed by a profesional tree surgeon as fallen trees can be dangerous even though they may look stable enough. Removing one part of the tree could cause further collapse.



Some trees who have just lost limbs may be solid enough to have the split and damaged limbs removed and the tree left standing. However some may show signs of weakness and it may be recommended in this case to remove the tree in case further storm damage causes it to fall.



We will make every effort to scedule in work to storm damaged trees which are proving to be a hazard as quickly as possible.


An uprooted tree fallen into a lawson cypress due a storm
Fallen ivy covered apple tree Fallen ivy covered apple tree fallen into a fence

A tree uprooted during a storm

An ivy covered apple tree fallen across a garden and into a fence

Storm damage to a crack willow Thee same crack willow

This storm damaged willow was rotten upwards from the point at which it failed. Fortunately Rob was able to save the tree by reducing the height to a point below the rotten stem

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