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Reductions and Reshapes / Tree Pruning

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction is a very common tree surgery operation which involves reducing the size and circumference of the tree by means of reducing branch lengths. The overall idea to be to retain a basic shape which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  

Crown Thinning

Sometimes branches may become damaged, crossing or just too crowded. The removal of these from a dense tree canopy reduces stress to other main branches. The object being in creating an even and balanced tree structure. Thinning the crown allows more light and air through the trees canopy.

Crown Cleaning

Crown Cleaning involves the removal of dead, dying or damaged wood and also climbing plants such as Ivy. Removing dead wood from the trees canopy will stop the risk of wood falling onto the area below and around the tree in winds and bad weather.

Crown Lift

A trees lower branches may need to be removed or pruned to a specific height from the base of the tree in order to clear the lower space surrounding the tree.


Pollarding involes major removal of crown canopy to leave a framework of branches from which a new crown can grow. This can sometimes be attained by complete removal of all branches encouraging new growth to form from the main stem.

A cherry and maple 30 % reduction and reshape  2 trees, one canopy after a reduction and reshape

A cherry and a maple 30 % reduction

A large willow requiring a light reduction An aesthetically pleasing shape is maintained after reduction completed

A large willow requiring a light reduction

An aesthetically pleasing shape is maintained

Reduction and reshape of 3 large beech trees Reduction and reshape of 3 large beech trees from a diffent angle

A trio of very large beech trees in close proximity to each other required a 25% reduction to form one single canopy

There are a few reasons why you may choose to have your trees pruned back and while some tree pruning work can be easy to do oneself, other work may require a skilled arborist who is able to climb the tree and implement the work safely without damaging property or possesions which are situated in the environment around the tree.


Reasons for pruning your trees :


Branches may be growing too near power lines, buildings, fencing, parking areas or overhanging neighbouring gardens.


Branches may be over hanging the garden and producing too much shade and low branches may make it impossible or difficult to walk under.


Pruning and thinning branches helps maintain the structure and shape of the tree and promotes its general health.


Deadwood in the canopy of the tree can be cleared to reduce the risk of it falling. This practice is called Dead Wooding


A willow before and after a reduction and reshape

A walnut following a 20% reduction and reshape.

A 40% reduction to a sycamore

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