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We sell fully seasoned fire wood. All wood will be cut in to managable sizes, suitable for a domestic fire or log burner. Both hard wood and soft wood logs available.


2 cubic metres hard wood- £100 and a smaller half load is also available.


2 cubic metres soft wood - £50.


If you are having work done on your trees and would like to save the wood for your own use, then we will cut it into managble sizes for use as fire wood.

Logs For Fire Wood

Wood chip

We have a plentiful supply of wood chip which is ideal for use as mulching for plants, as an addition to your compost heap to work as a soil improver once rotted down, or as a useful flooring for chicken coops during the wet months of the year.

I use the wood chip on my allotments for all 3 purposes all year round.


If you are interested in some wood chip then do please give us a call.

Wood chip utilised for mulching a garden

Wood chip being utilised for mulching a garden.

Log wood for sale

Log wood will be procssed into managable sizes

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Our apologies, hard wood logs are no longer available