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hedge before trimming overgrown hedges prior to trimming and cutting 1801201_10201670588072161_1752634483278105048_o Rob Watkins Tree Surgeon about to begin cutting back a hedge Cambridge tree surgeon Rob Watkins commencing work on an overgrown hedge which requires trimming A tidy and compact hedge after trimming by Rob Watkins Tree Surgery Finnished trimming an overgrown hedge Hedges trimmed and trees cut into a compact and tidy shape A large hedge trimmed into a tidy shape Hedge by pavement trimmed back neatly by Cambridge tree surgeon Rob

Hedge Trimming

Photos of hedges before hedge cutting and trimming commenced

Photos of the same areas after hedge cutting and trimming

Hedges need keeping dense, compact and tidy. We will trim and tidy your hedges however large or small.


As conscientious tree surgeons we always take into consideration the important nesting environment of birds during the Spring and Summer months and it is advisable not to trim hedges during this time, unless it is very clear there are no nesting birds in the hedge. This can be hard to see as birds tend to nest deep within the hedge and the hedge is then best left alone until late Summer. The RSPB reccomendation is not to cut hedges between the 1st of March and the 31st of August.

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