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So now the clocks have leapt forward an hour and the daylight hours are longer it really seems like the end of a mild and wet winter which has treated us very well in Cambridge. Unfortunately in other areas of the UK had a different story to tell with regards to the rain and flooding.


We were very fortunate in this area to have had no snow at all this winter and hardly any ice so it has made it a much easier time to work through than we would usually be expecting for the time of year.


Clients have been out in their gardens in the past 2 weeks of lovely weather and are starting to assess if there is any tree work that needs doing and there have been plenty of tree stumps which have needed removing. People are thinking about tree overgrowth during the warmer months and having their trees reduced to a smaller size especially in areas which may be too heavily shaded by Summer growth.


We have also been busy log splitting ready for Winter use which can be purchased by the cubic metre load.











A new season starts

A large willow requiring a reduction The large willow after reduction

Welcome to our blog

A large willow to reduce

The same tree after reduction

We are still being very lucky with the weather and had a beautiful couple of days in mid May to fell a few leylandi which were blocking a lovely country view over fields and light to the garden.

I was a bit hot so took some time out of working to make the video below.

After all the trees had been dismantled and removed, the stumps were then removed by means of grinding out with a stump grinder

Rob working the stump grinder

Rob with the stump grinder at work on the leylandi stumps