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Rob Watkins Tree Surgery and Services is a small friendly business with the aim of giving a professional service of the highest standards. Rob has worked as a professional tree surgeon and climber for over 30 years and is NPTC qualified.

Situated on the outskirts of Cambridge and close to Newmarket, our tree services are available all year round and within approximately 30 miles of Cambridge.






Our work is competitively priced and carried out by qualified climbers and ground staff to B S 3998.

Initial inspection of trees and recommendations for tree work will be carried out at no cost to the client. Pricing is given by those who carry out the work and we take pride in what we do from start to finish, leaving a clean tidy job.

Tree work Method Statement available on request





Conservation and Preservation


Tree Preservation Orders


Some trees may be subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and require special permission from the Local Planning Authority for tree work to commence. The LPA are permitted 8 weeks maximum to complete permissions for trees with TPOs . Dead, dying or dangerous trees do not require consent to proceed with works, however the LPA must be informed of any necessaary work as soon as is possible.

Rob Watkins Tree Surgery is happy to submit applicaations for work on a TPO tree to the LPA on behalf of the client for no extra cost.



Conservation Areas


Conservation areas are also subject to consent from the Local Planning  Authority.  If your trees requiring work stand in a conservation area  the LPA are allowed 6 weeks to complete the permissions. We are more than happy to submit an application on your behalf.


For any tree work we will always check with the appropriate local authority to ensure all tree works are carried out legaly.

We will submit full written applications with photographic evidence on the customers behalf and liase with the authorities for you and will only procede with the tree works once written permission has been granted and recieved by us and documentation forwarded to you. All applications that we submit to the Local Planning Authourity will be of no additional cost to the client.  





We have public liability insurance to the value of £5,000,000




More about Rob Watkins


Rob commenced his career in tree surgery under the instruction of his father John and uncle Derry in 1983 as a 16 year old apprentice forester and climber at Froyle Estate in Hampshire. He still maintains his enormous passion for his work now, as he did as a young apprentice.


He gained experience in all aspects of tree surgery with the advantage of aquiring knowledge from old school climbers, then progressing onwards to adapt his own style with modern methods and techniques.


Experience working during the storms of 1987 and 1990 proved to be advantageous towards his learning and he still recognises that one can never stop learning more, as no two trees or situations are ever the same.


He has gone on to freelance climb with several companies across the UK and has now set up his own company.




Full working knowledge of tree surgery


Extensive working knowledge of chainsaw use and maintenance of Husqvarna and              

Stihl models.


Climbing with or without spikes.


Knowledge of various lowering rope systems.


Through rod & eye cable system and poly rap round system.


Dead and diseased wood removal.


Crown thinning.


Crown reduction and re-shape.


Complete dismantle, including dangerous and wind blown trees.




Good knowledge in Tree identification.


Working knowledge of chipper use and maintenance.


Working knowledge of stump grinding and maintenance.


Competent tractor driver with over head grab and trailer.


Static Stenner sawmill operator


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